Perfect Poems

Poetry, in addition to being "the creative expression of a writer's pen, and. . . song for the listener's ear" (D. Ray Reutzel), can be a powerful tool in teaching. Using poetry across the curriculum can. . .

Provide for fluency development

Optimize student's vocabulary

Enhance learning for English Language Learners

Teach the curriculum

Reinforce reading and writing

Yield higher test scores

Adele Tolley Wilson is a retired elementary school teacher who often used poetry in her classroom. She knew that students could learn information quicker and retain it longer when it was put into poetry or songs. With that knowledge, Adele wrote books to enhance learning.

BEST SELLER: Plum Glum and Other Chunk Poems

PHYSICAL BOOK $8.95 + Shipping

Plum Gum and Other Chunk Poems was written for a First Grade teacher who had difficulty finding kid friendly poems based on the phonics chunks. It contains entertaining poems to help young readers build fluency. The book is indexed alphabetically according to word family to aid teachers in finding the perfect poem for their lessons. (Illustrated Softcover 6”X9”)

Example: Lovely Lucy
Lovely Lucy bought a new blue gown.
She wore it all around the town.
She tripped in the mud, now the gown is brown.
Lovely Lucy now wears a frown.

Mrs. Vet's Alphabet (Phonic Chunk Poems)

PHYSICAL BOOK $7.95 + Shipping

Mrs. Vet’s Alphabet is a another volume of Chunk Poems. The poems are fun and kids enjoy them so much they forget they are building reading skills. (8 1/2 X 11 Spiral Bound)

Example: Cowboy page 5
I'm a cowboy.
What do you think about that?
I have cowboy jeans, a cowboy shirt
And a fancy cowboy hat.
I keep my cowboy boots real clean
When I wipe them on the mat.
I have a good old cowboy dog,
His name is Cowdog Pat.
I get together with my cowboy friends,
We hang around and chat.
Just wish I had a cowboy horse,
'Cause I can't saddle up my cat.

Poems for Idioms

PHYSICAL BOOK $7.95 + Shipping

Poems for Idioms was written for teachers to aid in teaching their students to understand idioms. Each poem explains the meaning in just four lines. (8 1/2 X 11 Spiral Bound)

Example: Cat Got Your Tongue page 3
I was feeling shy when my uncle came.
"Has the cat got your tongue?" he said.
He must have meant, "Why aren't you talking?"
Because my tongue was still in my head.

What's Matter and Other Content Poems

PHYSICAL BOOK $7.95 + Shipping

What’s Matter and Other Content Poems was written to help students pass the end of level science tests. Each poem reinforces science concepts and key vocabulary to help students retain information. (8 1/2 X 11 Spiral Bound)

Example: Gravity page 10
Gravity is a special force
That's everywhere around.
It holds our Earth in orbit.
It keeps us on the ground.
It pulls things without touching.
When it's measured, it's called weight.
To overcome the law of gravity
You must accelerate.

50 Tips Guaranteed to Improve Your Grades


These helpful tips are written by a teacher and can help you succeed. Students from 10 - 80 years of age can benefit from these tips.

Example: Tip #10
10. Try to visualize or make a mental picture of what is happening. It will help you understand the text better.

About Adele Tolley Wilson

Adele Tolley Wilson is a retired elementary teacher who is now employed by Dixie State University as a Clinical Supervisor for student teachers seeking degrees in Elementary Education. Teaching provided her with numerous opportunities to write programs, scripts, tributes, stories, songs and poems. She recognized the need for fun ways to teach children concepts, and began writing books to help them learn. Her books are being used in classrooms across the nation.


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