Poetry, in addition to being "the creative expression of a writer's pen, and. . . song for the listener's ear" (D. Ray Reutzel), can be a powerful tool in teaching. Using poetry across the curriculum can. . .

Provide for fluency development
Optimize student's vocabulary
Enhance learning for English Language Learners
Teach the curriculum
Reinforce reading and writing
Yield higher test scores

Adele Tolley Wilson is a retired elementary school teacher who often used poetry in her classroom. She knew that students could learn information quicker and retain it longer when it was put into poetry or songs. With that knowledge, Adele wrote books to enhance learning.

Plum Gum and Other Chunk Poems
Our Best Seller
Open the book to any page in Plum Gum and Other Chunk Poems and step into a child's world of poetry. The words create images in the mind for the reader. Each poem is written, by a teacher, to help young readers master fluency, and gain the skills necessary to become a better reader. Adele Tolley Wilson captures just the right words to make each poem entertaining, playful and just plain fun.

Mrs. Vet's Alphabet
   Fun phonics poems using word families

What's Matter and Other Content Poems
  Poems that teach science concepts

Poems for Idioms
  Clever poems that explain the idioms

Other Titles to Choose From

Lovely Lucy
Lovely Lucy bought a new blue gown.
She wore it all around the town.
She tripped in the mud, now the gown is brown.
Lovely Lucy now wears a frown.
Adele Wilson